Where Oh Where Have My Edits Gone Now?

Train track going round the bend
Where oh where have my edits gone now?

I like to think of my edits as being in a better place.

Not as good a place as my hard drive would be, but a place that’s better in ways that matter more to my edits and less to me.

A place where my lines need bend and break no more.

The meta-home of all metaphors.

The place all rhymes link arms and do-si-do whether they make good dance partners or not.

Where caesuras all cease, where alliteration lies down with assonance, where infinitives may infinitely split.

Ah, the joys of a new computer.  And the risks.

Goodbye, sweet edits, goodbye.

I hope someday I’ll see you round the bend.


Don’t take your edits for granted, friends.  Save them while you can.