Free Poetry Ebook: Stars Crawl Out From Their Caves

National Poetry Month

Today and this weekend!!

My poetry volume, Stars Crawl Out From Their Caves is free on Amazon, April 7-9. This is your chance to download the free poetry ebook.

Free? What am I thinking, you may ask?

I’m thinking it’s National Poetry Month.

But you only get a couple of days to download the book free, so don’t delay!

If you’d like to hear me read some of the work before downloading the book, you can find some recordings here. After you read the book, if there are some poems you’d like added to the recording page, let me know.

Want more info on National Poetry Month? The Academy of American Poets has more info here.

But remember – free poetry ebook April 7-9!


New Woven Tale Press is Out!

The Woven Tale Press
The Woven Tale Press

Two Poems Published in Woven Tale Press

I can’t think of a better way to kick off National Poetry Month than having two of my poems published in the lovely journal, The Woven Tale Press, Vol. 5 #3, which just came out. The Woven Tale Press is full of interesting art, fiction and poetry. Offbeat, as the editor’s note says. You can check it out here.

pushing stone uphill
pushing stone uphill


My two included poems are “Sisyphus Takes a Cruise” and “Sisyphus, Birding”. Perhaps not the lightest of subject matter. Poor old Sisyphus never seems to catch a break, though of course he brings it all on himself. If you recall, in Greek mythology, he’s the fellow condemned to an eternity of rolling a boulder up a mountain only to have it roll back down again as soon as he reaches the top.

So, then how does he take a cruise? You’ll have to read the poem to find out.

Clean Design Showcases the Work

My poems are on pages 29-30. Before you get there though, I bet you will be swept away by the interesting things you’ll see. Perhaps Elizabeth Coetzee’s hand made books, or Susan Stamm Evans’ bronze sculptures.

I keep going back to look at Sooo-z Mastropietro’s intriguing fiber art. The colors and textures are amazing. I’m still wondering how she made the fiber tubes, all the same size and looking like a sea anemone when she puts them together in a group. Let me know if you agree.

I’m thrilled to be included in such an elegant publication. The clean design showcases the art. I want to keep flipping through the pages. The team at Woven Tale Press has done a great job with this issue, and earlier issues rise to the same high standard. Check out their interesting blog, as well.