August Marathon Literary Review publication

My poem,¬†Sisyphus Thinks His Rock is Heavy, is available in the current issue of Marathon Literary Review, Issue 12. This is the August, 2017 issue and since we are a third of the way through September, I’ve been a bit remiss in getting the news out. But better late than never, I’m letting you know. There it is, one of my many Sisyphus poems. My next collection will be Sisyphus-themed.

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one rock atop another

Devanath / Pixabay

Hurricane Season

As I write this, Hurricane Irma has blasted into the Florida Keys and headed on it’s way through Florida. It’s eerie to watch the storm lash places we’ve been on vacation. To watch the streets empty of people and sheeted with rain. I can only imagine how much more disturbing it must be for those watching who live there or have more personal attachments to the area than I do.

It’s a terrible time for those living in hurricane-prone areas. Harvey, Irma…hopefully Jose will make its way north to spin out at sea relatively harmlessly.

Best wishes for those recovering from Hurricane Harvey and those who now have to deal with Hurricane Irma. The scale of impact from both storms boggles the mind.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.