As previously mentioned, my poem Wormhole was published in issue 92 of Apex Magazine, earlier this month. Now it’s printed on their site, too.

Apex Magazine has a practice of publishing the e-magazine up front, so that readers can get a copy right away. Then they roll out content from the magazine throughout the month. Which means you can follow the constant stream of new content to their site, or binge-read each issue of sci fi, fantasy, and horror as it appears. Or do both!

Apex Magazine has reached that point in this month’s sequence that my poem is among those appearing on the site…

which is like having wormhole published all over again

Celebrate, bunch of balloons

OpenClipart-Vectors /Pixabay – Bunch of Balloons

Not that I’m excited or anything.

  • happy face * bee-in-clover dance * happy face *

Hey a second time to celebrate is nothing to sneeze at!

Take a look. My poem won’t take you long to read, so you will have plenty of time to check out some of this month’s stories or poetry. You can look over back issues as well. Or, if you’ve found a new love in Apex Magazine, there’s that time-honored tradition: subscribe at Apex Magazine or on Amazon.

On the fiction front, I was blown away by Next Station, Shibuya by Iori Kusano. Also, Masked, by Rich Larson is another stunner.

And the cover art by Aaron Nakahara is amazing!

I’ve been a big sci fi fan since I was a kid watching Dr. Who in B&W on a tiny television screen with my Dad. Which, of course, seemed miraculous at the time!

Do you like sci fi / fantasy / horror?  Comments, whether about my work or not, always welcome.